What is the role of an Electronic drum set in a music studio ?

A drummer is an essential member of a band who generally sets the tempo of the music. Traditional drummers have large drum sets of various numbers and sizes for different types of sounds but with the advent of technology that has changed in recent times. Electronic drum set have come to the fore and are being used in most bands and music studios nowadays even though they have existed since the 80s. The reasons why electronic drum sets have become an integral part of a music studio are –

  • Versatility

The electronic drum set allows you to switch between various qualities and types of sound just by the click of a button which would otherwise be very complicated on using a traditional one. You can change between acoustic, hip-hop, rock arena, anything you want to almost instantly and thus it helps you to record a versatile song easily. You can do away with microphones of superior quality and other sophisticated instruments for recording.

  • Easy recording

When you record using a traditional drum set, you have to take a lot of hassle like soundproofing the room and having the right set of recording instruments of superior quality. All of this is eliminated while using an electronic drum as you can connect it directly into the PC and mix it using appropriate software.

  • Accessories

There are a lot of accessories attached to an electronic drum set that adds to its utility tremendously. You can fit in an audio jack for direct recording of music. New drum sets even come with tools that allow you to acquire training through appropriate tools and exercises, and they also give you feedback based on your performance. Thus, you can become a better drummer using it while practicing your old skill sets as well.

  • Less noise

The best part about electronic drum sets is the fact that you can regulate the volume using the attached buttons. It is not possible in traditional drums, and it is more of a problem when you are practicing in the confines of your home. It might be disturbing for your neighbors or other people staying with you. In an electronic drum set, even if you practice vigorously, the sound coming out of it will be minimal. Moreover, some drum sets also have the facility of connecting earphones and playing that completely blocks out the noise.

  • Portability

Some drummers have to travel with their drum sets everywhere, whether it be for performance or recording in different music studios. Lugging around a traditional game is very difficult. On the other hand, an electronic drum can easily fit into appropriate bags and can be carried around easily.

  • The material of the head

The type of material used for electronic drum is generally made of rubber meshes whose tension can be varied accordingly to create sounds of different quality. Though this resembles a traditional drum, the maintenance is much more comfortable, and a lot of variety is available.


All of the points mentioned above make an electronic drum set an essential inclusion in a music studio.