Post season scoring

At the conclusion of Week 8, the team scores will be used to determine each team’s post-season rank and will be used to seed each team.

Playoffs will last two (2) weeks. The first week will be the Semifinals and the second week will be the Finals. In both the Semifinals and Finals, winners will be determined by a mixed vote: half audience, half judges.

The Semifinals will be seeded as follows:
3rd Seed vs. 6th Seed
4th Seed vs. 5th Seed
1st Seed vs. 2nd Seed

The winner of the 1st Place vs. 2nd Place matchup becomes the 1st seed in the Finals, and the runner-up of that matchup becomes the 2nd seed. In the other match-ups, the lowest winning seed advances to play the 1st seed (6th place is the lowest seed). The next lowest seed plays the 2nd seed.

The Finals will be seeded as followIn both the Semifinals and Finals, each team will have two (2) solo performances and one (1) group performance. In the Finals, the winners of the top two matchups will face off once more in a final “4th” round: a battle royale, “winner take all” group performance. In this round, only the judges will vote.

During the Semifinals and Finals, performers may sing a song that had been sung during the regular season. However, if a song is performed during the Semifinals, it cannot be performed during the Finals.

The team manager must submit songs in accordance to the regular season rules, as described in the Gameplay section of these rules.

In the event of a tie, a review of the two (2) teams’ past matchup history will be used to ascertain the winner. In the event that the tie is not resolved, the team with the highest “win” count will be declared the winner.