FAQ’s Got Questions? Here are some answers. Boom! Magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is karaoke?
What is Gotham City Karaoke?
How do I join Gotham City Karaoke?
Who is eligible to join Gotham City Karaoke?
How much does it cost to join Gotham City Karaoke?
What happens at Gotham City Karaoke?
How long is a season?
Can I register by myself? Can I register with friends?
How do I start a team?
Can I name my own team?
How many divisions does Gotham City Karaoke have in Boston?
I am interested in advertising with Gotham City Karaoke. Who do I speak to?
How do I contact the organizers of Gotham City Karaoke?
What benefits do I get for joining Gotham City Karaoke?
What is the minimum/maximum number of people on a team?
What is Gotham City Karaoke’s billing policy?
What is Gotham City Karaoke’s refund policy?
Who do I contact with a question/concern about billing?
How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from Gotham City Karaoke’s email list?
I want to start a karaoke league in my city. How can I start a karaoke league near me?
What is Gotham City Karaoke’s drinking policy?

Please drink responsibly. Nobody wants to hear another slurred Billy Joel song.