Together We Sing!

As the music starts, you let go of any inhibitions and release your inner star! Welcome to Gotham City Karaoke!

This is Gotham City Karaoke, NYC's social, team-based karaoke league. It's social, because we're a community of people who like putting ourselves out there, night after night. It's team-based, meaning you show up with people you like (even if you don't leave with them!). And it's competitive, since your fellow singers, along with anyone else you invite to join you at the bar, will be able to score each performance with our scientifically-tested "matchup" scoring system.

Game Play

Run This Town

Gotham City Karaoke is a social, team-based karaoke league. This means that teams will be competing against each other for the title of "City-Wide Karaoke Champions."

The Time Warp

A season lasts ten weeks, with the last two weeks reserved for the Semifinals and Finals. A City-Wide Finals competition is then held after the regular season ends.

Simple Gifts

Gotham City Karaoke performers receive an official t-shirt, as well as enjoy alcohol specials, exclusive parties, theme nights, contests, prizes and special events throughout the season.

Our Partners

Gotham City Karaoke would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, and partners!

  • Pioneers Bar
  • ZipCar
  • Michelle Kinny Photography
  • We are just into performance and we love to win... and now we have an outlet in to express ourselves.

    The More We Drink, the Better You Sound

  • I should tell you our unofficial motto: Anyone can kick a ball, but only ballers can belt a ballad.

    The Commish

  • We compete. It's not really about the winning; it's about having fun. But the competition is the fun.

    Naughty by Nurture

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